Filament Top Cover Pass Though Mod2

This Simple Top Panel PTFE Pass Through Ball Joint was the chose I made it was designed by Alexander Þór 🇮🇸🇬🇧 @AlexanderT_Moss and can be downloaded on Printables.

This was a simple design to print and I used the standard Voron parts setting in superslicer to print them.

The design consists of 4 parts

  • Top Plate
  • Ball Plate Core
  • Bottom Plate
  • Ball

I chose the ball which you can just insert the boden tube directly in to make things simpler but i might try the ecas ball and get some ecas fitting. You will also need 3 M3 Screws 12mm long and 3 Heat press inserts.

Installation is simple the Ball plate core goes up into the top cover and then screws though the cover and top of the printer in to the bottom plate with the threaded inserts in. The Whole you need to drill though the drill though the cover to fit the ball plate core in about 28mm so I chose a whole saw that matched the diameter as close a possible which was for me 32mm.


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